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Vitamin Cocktail Boosts HBOT’s Healing Power

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New Hope for RSD and Diabetes: Adding IV Vitamins to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Patients Get Better Faster

It’s nearly impossible to get enough vitamins and minerals through our food intake. And that’s on a normal eating day – never mind when we’re sick! But one thing we can do to greatly accelerate the healing process is to boost our intake of nutrients. When we take vitamins intravenously, they bypass the digestive tract, so our bodies can assimilate them much better.

Pure oxygen delivers nutrients efficiently through the body, too. In fact, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the most effective treatment I know of for both RSD and stubborn wounds. But researchers have learned that infusing the body with a vitamin cocktail during HBOT can produce an additional nutrient boost that helps free RSD and diabetes patients from pain and other symptoms…Wondering if HBOT with IV Vitamins can help bring you relief? To schedule a pain assessment at our Palm Harbor, Florida, Center, call 727-787-7077.

HBOT with intravenous (IV) vitamins involves receiving pure oxygen while lying in a clear, sealed, hard-shell chamber, while simultaneously receiving nutrients through an IV. One popular IV vitamin therapy is known as the Myers cocktail, which doctors have been using since 2002. We’ve discovered that combining this vitamin cocktail with Hyperbaric Oxygen makes the O2 therapy even more effective than it already is. And that’s great news for those suffering with RSD or with diabetic wounds that are hard to heal.

Oxygen and vitamins are both vital to new cell growth, better health and a stronger immune system. State-of-the-art HBOT treatment uses varying sea-level pressures to power oxygen into areas of the body that regular breathing can’t possibly reach. That oxygen stimulates the growth of new blood vessels, promotes wound healing, boosts the immune system, and even increases the effectiveness of antibiotics. When we add IV vitamins to the mix, the body gets an abundant dose of the fundamental ingredients it needs to function well and heal fast. Patients feel stronger, live better and suffer less pain.

Want to learn more about HBOT and IV Vitamins’ ability to heal RSD and stubborn wounds? Dr. Spiegel will be happy to provide an assessment to determine if you could benefit from the combination treatment. To schedule your personalized appointment online, simply click here. Our office staff will confirm your appointment soon. For many non-healing wounds HBOT is covered by Medicare and other insurances. Otherwise, we can review payment options that help make the treatment affordable. Please call our office at 727-787-7077.