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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Enables RSD Sufferer to Live Pain Free…

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See How HBOT Helps Our Patient, Jennifer Live Pain Free After Years of Suffering

In the video above, you’ll hear from Jennifer, a patient at our center whose frightening symptoms of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) began after she had a routine vaccine in 2009. Within two days of the injection, she felt severe pain in her right ear. Vertigo spells caused her to lose her balance and fall down, and her head felt like it was crushed in a vice. And as if these symptoms weren’t bad enough, Jennifer felt electrical shocks all over her body. Soon, she began having trouble swallowing, and she couldn’t even nurse her newborn or hug her other young children, as the pain of touching them felt too excruciating.

Jennifer’s symptoms went on for months – intermittently, but with terrible flare-ups. She was plagued with cold sensitivity and began having visual and auditory hallucinations. She could no longer drive or perform everyday tasks. Jennifer and her family consulted 12 doctors, from infectious disease specialists to neurologists and chiropractors. But none of them could determine the cause of her symptoms, and when she insisted these began with the vaccine, the doctors pooh-poohed her. Finally, a family physician referred Jennifer to a Drexel University specialist…

I’d like to say that was the end of Jennifer’s health problems. In fact, they were only beginning. Although the Drexel specialist had a six month waiting list, Jennifer was able to see him much sooner when one of his patients cancelled. It only took the doctor a few minutes to diagnose the young woman with systemic RSD resulting from the vaccine. He prescribed an expensive medicine that Jennifer’s insurance would not cover. A spinal tap test that the doctor ordered caused Jennifer even further injury. She began vomiting, felt terrible pain, and was not able to use her left side without dragging her legs when she tried to walk. After being hospitalized for 11 days, Jennifer began the drug treatments.

Months went by, and Jennifer’s symptoms did not improve. Thirteen months on the medication and $13,000 later, she became progressively more ill. Her legs became swollen and discolored, and she could sleep no more than two hours each day – even when taking strong pain medications. she became bed and wheelchair bound. Her body was literally shutting down. Desperate, Jennifer’s husband recalled that a friend had told the couple about treatment at our National Hyperbaric Oxygen Center in Palm Harbor, Florida.

“We should try HBOT therapy”, he urged.

“I’ve had it with treatments!” Jennifer replied.

Later, the young woman confessed that she had almost given up hope of living. But Jennifer listened to testimonials here on our website and read all the information she could. She conferred with her doctors at Drexel, who were all skeptical. They told her that HBOT treatment would never work. But after calling and speaking with Georgia and Marcia here at the center to learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for RSD, Jennifer and her family dropped everything and made the long trek to Florida.

Within two HBOT treatment sessions, Jennifer could wiggle her toes and move her legs again, and she slept through the night for the first time in two years. Her pain went from 8-10 on the pain scale down to around a 5. After five weeks of HBOT, the pain she felt was mostly just related to her physical therapy. Jennifer is now free from RSD, and can drive a car and hold her children again. Remember, the best doctors in the world told her not to waste her time or money on HBOT. Watch Jennifer twirl effortlessly at the end of the video. I’ve not done that for 22 months! she says.

Nothing makes us happier here at the Center than seeing that kind of victory over RSD and other illnesses that doctors pronounce incurable!