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Improving Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms with HBOT

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Who Knew a Tiny Tick Bite Could Cause So Many Devastating Health Problems?

Imagine this scenario: your toddler goes cross-eyed one day and begins to cry from the pain when she walks. Primary care doctors and neurologists have no idea what the child is suffering from. She has several eye operations, and now needs to wear thick lensed glasses with a black patch over one lens. She takes medications to control the pain. Kids laugh at her cross-eyes and the way she walks. Or here’s another scenario: your 45-year-old brother-in-law wakes up one day with severe arthritic pain in his knees. After a week of that, he visits a doctor to complain of the symptoms. His doctor laughs them off as age-pains and prescribes some narcotics. A year later, the pain has worsened and spread to the back, and now the man also suffers from heart palpitations. These are true stories, and I could tell you many more like them. They have one thing in common: the dangerous bite of a Lyme-infected blacklegged deer tick.

The Tick’s Victim Never Knew it had Bitten Them.

So often, people with Lyme disease don’t even know they’ve been bitten. They suffer from a wide variety of symptoms that are hard for doctors to identify a cause for. Lyme disease has reached epidemic proportions in the Northeastern and Mid-Western United States, and it is fast spreading. At least 300,000 U.S. citizens get Lyme disease every year. One thing’s for certain, its symptoms can be devastating – and even kill – if not properly treated. Thankfully, many Lyme disease patients respond well to HBOT treatments – even when other treatments have failed them.

Lyme disease symptoms can progress from mild fever, tiredness and joint aches, to far more threatening conditions impacting the nervous system, eyes, brain, heart and other organs. That’s actually the reason the doctors I mentioned earlier had a hard time diagnosing the illness. It’s unfortunately an all-too-familiar scenario.

When Lyme Leads to Serious Symptoms, HBOT Can Help Restore Health

If Lyme disease gets properly diagnosed early on, sometimes all it takes to recover is a short course of antibiotics. But researchers now believe that Lyme bacteria can become resistant to antibiotic treatments. Many people who have Lyme continually struggle with symptoms, even after numerous rounds of medicine to treat it. Sometimes herbal therapies like Japanese Knotweed and Cat’s Claw can bring Lyme sufferers relief when they take these for six months to a year or more. But when Lyme disease goes undiagnosed or is improperly treated, its effects can be very severe. Here’s how hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps:

During HBOT, pure oxygen floods the body at varying sea-level pressures. This O2 burst delivers vital nutrients to cells, and helps to promote healing. Patients’ Lyme-related pain subsides, their energy improves, and many of their compromised bodily functions get fully restored. Here at the National Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center, in addition to these benefits, we routinely see glands and organs resume normal functioning over the course of treatment. And that’s a very fine thing.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments can significantly improve chronic Lyme disease symptoms. We’d be happy to provide a personalized assessment with neurologist, Dr. Allan Spiegel to determine if you would benefit from HBOT. In cases where HBOT is not covered by insurance, we will go over ways to make treatments more affordable. To schedule your appointment online, simply click here or call 727-787-7077.