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Natural Relief For Radiation Necrosis Pain With Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

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When Cancer Radiation Treatments Damage Cells, Can Natural HBOT Repair Them?

Lots of people have radiation therapy to treat cancer, and the truth is radiation kills cancer cells very effectively. Unfortunately, radiation can equally easily kill the cells that surround a tumor. And that damage often doesn’t present symptoms until long after the cancer has been eradicated, sometimes a decade or more later. Doctors always let patients know the risks of radiation therapy. Sadly, however, around five percent of those who have the treatment will end up with radiation necrosis, a condition where the soft tissue cells surrounding the original tumor begin to die.

Radiation necrosis symptoms can be disabling. They include pain, headaches, seizures, cognitive problems, and, very occasionally, even death. Unfortunately, most medical treatments for these delayed radiation injuries don’t work effectively at all. But many radiation necrosis sufferers find their symptoms improve significantly with natural Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)…

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The way hyperbaric oxygen therapy works is by bathing the body with pure oxygen under various carefully controlled sea-level pressures. The healing happens in a state-of-the-art sealed, clear chamber where supersaturated O2 levels permit blood to transport vital nutrients to damaged cells. Patients can even listen to music or watch TV to help the time pass! As they lie comfortably in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the patient’s inflammation and swelling goes down. The natural therapy reduces scar tissue formation, and then healthy new blood capillaries begin to form. HBOT treatments literally reverse damage to blood vessels and tissues that the radiation treatments caused!

Can HBOT Help All Patients with Delayed Radiation Disease?

Depending on the type of cancer radiation treatment you had, your results with FDA-approved HBOT may vary. For example, 50-60% of those who had Prostate and Colorectal Cancer Radiation found their symptoms improved, sometimes completely. Hyperbaric treatment for Cervical and Bladder Cancer Radiation resolves symptoms in around 75% of cases. HBOT effectively reverses symptoms in 83% of patients who have Head, Neck and Mouth Radiation. The success rate of HBOT to halt the progress of – or even reverse – brain damage in those who have Brain Tumor Radiation is as high as 90%. We see very encouraging results with our radiation necrosis patients, and we believe the treatment merits your serious consideration.

Does Insurance Pay for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Radiation Necrosis is one of the 14 conditions that the FDA has officially approved for HBOT treatments. That means that Medicare and other insurers frequently cover the cost. We can let you know with more certainty if we are able to evaluate your health condition in person.

If radiation damage has caused you to suffer from delayed pain and discomfort, we can help. To learn more about AMA and FDA-approved Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, call (727) 787-7077 to schedule a personalized consultation with neurologist, Dr. Spiegel, MD. A member of our office staff will confirm your appointment soon.