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Survived And Recovered From A Stroke

About 20 HBOT Treatments

“I’ve gotten much better use of my hand back, and my foot. And I highly recommend this for anybody that’s had a stroke.”

Suffering from Fibromyalgia and Headaches

Coming To Dr. Spiegel For 8-10 Years

“I actually look forward to a doctor’s appointment. Which to most doesn’t make sense, but for me it does, when it comes to Dr. Spiegel’s office.”

Patient With Parkinson’s Disease Does Remarkably Well

Patient For A Number Of Years

“Dr. Spiegel Is An Excellent Neurologist. He Has Helped Me With My Parkinson’s Disease Very Much.”

Relief From Throbbing Headaches

Patient Gets Her Life Back

“I felt like I had lost all the enjoyment of all the activities in my life.” “Within four days, my headaches were gone. And I really haven’t had any headaches since then.”